VIVANCO & VIVANCO TRUST SERVICES is a natural expansion of the offshore services that we have been providing for decades and which has shown significant growth in recent years.
Furthermore, new global regulatory changes create the need for these types of services.
Our trust services are oriented toward high income/net worth families and individuals in Latin America. Although our services have worldwide reach, our focus and strength is in Latin America.
Through our wholly-owned trustee firm (Fiduciaria) in Costa Rica, we set-up and manage corporate and fiduciary structures for our clients.
Our local firms in Costa Rica, VGV CORPORATE SERVICES and VGV TRUST SERVICES are licensed to act as trustees and even settlers of trusts and other structures.
VGV CORPORATE SERVICES and VGV TRUST SERVICES have a team of lawyers and advisors that offer solutions based on:
  1. safety;
  2. tax efficiency; and
  3. cost benefits.