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Among the main objectives of VIVANCO & VIVANCO Law Firm, is to provide its clients with full comprehensive advice on their business. The role of the Department of Contracts is precisely to guide our clients in negotiating all types of contracts, legal instruments, agreements, and certificates/deeds/records, among others. Depending on each specific case, this guidance and advice entails the development, revision or adequacy of various types of contracts, up to active participation in the negotiations, looking for mechanisms that are beneficial to our client and using legal figures provided by our legislature. The Contracts Department is integrated by Lawyers with extensive experience in contractual agendas, negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation and arbitration, which are prompt, accurate, effective methods and allow interested parties to obtain a fair timely guardianship of their rights and interests.


  • Advice on negotiations through personal involvement and assistance, as well as preparing and developing the contracts, contracts review, certificates/deeds/records, and agreements, among others.
  • We provide legally structured designs, such as in the construction industry and property development, whereby the customer can choose among the legal options that we offer.
  • Advice and assistance in mediation and arbitration procedures.


Due to recent and continuing changes in this area in Ecuador and the world, our Corporate Department is one of the most active of our Firm. We constantly link national structures with international structures, through our own offices in Miami, Panama, Costa Rica, Quito and Guayaquil.

The Corporate Department works closely with the Finance Department to optimize tax burdens and create creative schemes to ensure security and flexibility to the final beneficiaries of the structures.


  • This Department executes: Articles of Association/Corporation Charter, Limited Companies, Commercial Companies, Private Partnership, Business Corporations, Sole Proprietors Corporations, Associations/Partnerships, Foundations, and Trusts.Domiciliation of foreign Companies and establishment of branches, representation as Trustees of such companies.
  • Development and legal assistance on all types of General Meetings and Board Meetings.
  • Preparation, editing, updating and maintenance of Corporate Books, Complaints, Appointments, Patents, Tax Identification Number (tax ID), Mergers, Demergers, Dissolutions, Recoveries, Liquidation and Termination of Companies;
  • Assistance on Assignment and purchase of shares or equity interests, as well as the merger of companies, accompanying our clients on corporate issues, tax, labor and other areas that are affected by mergers.


Our Litigation Department is one of the most important of our Firm, due to its soundness and strength. It is a constant concern for the Law Firm VIVANCO & VIVANCO, to seek innovative solutions for conflict resolution, using different legal mechanisms that our laws allow. The Litigation Department is integrated by Lawyers with extensive experience in the litigation area, in the various branches of the law, with entrenched principles of loyalty, honesty and transparency in its conduct, having practiced over years the defense of important cases. We believe that the classical processes of judicial or administrative advocacy, without diminishing their expertise, are slow, in such a way that justice that takes so long is not justice. This is precisely why we have tried to refer disputes towards Mediation and Arbitration procedures, as an agile, legal, and transparent system, to obtain fair and timely protection of the rights and interests of our clients.In recent years, including important public bodies such as municipalities, ministries and public enterprises have been represented by our Litigation Department in sensitive and important processes. This is recognition of our expertise in the area of litigation.


  • Advice on strategies for conflict resolution, advocacy, either as plaintiff or defendant in various civil proceedings, criminal, labor, tax, administrative, legal advice and advocacy actions on constitutional guarantee proceeding (writ of amparo), habeas data, habeas corpus, and appeal for cassation.
  • Advice and support on preparatory measures such as inspections, depositions, examinations of private documents, etc, as well as securing a loan, not covered with an enforcement order, with an appeal of a trial of preventive orders, which orders writ of attachment, lien, or alienation prohibition of debtor's assets.
  • We are one of the few Firms that consistently represent clients in environmental criminal matters and criminal business proceedings.


The telecommunications industry in Ecuador is very dynamic. In fact in 2009 it was the largest private industrial investment in the country, including more than the oil industry.

The gradual opening of the telecommunications market in the last 10 years has created significant opportunities for private operators. Our Telecommunications Department has a very solid practice and complete knowledge of the regulation.

Even our professionals work proactively in the creation of the regulation in conjunction with the different State Departments.

Our services include consultancy and legal advice for starting new businesses or for resolving specific problems, studies on specific areas of telecommunications, with the sector administrative management, obtaining authorizations for services, conducting of proceedings in the administrative level, among others.

In the administrative litigation phase and litigation in general, this department is closely related to our Litigation Department.


  • Legal advice, consultation and management of licenses, such as: concessions, permits and authorizations to provide telecommunications services, obtaining radio frequency, renewals, transfers, modifications, clarifications to the authorization certificates, negotiation of interconnection networks , registry and network infrastructure.
  • Filing of administrative resources to the regulation and control institutions, legal representation up to end of the administrative phase. Defense and representation in trial processes established by the Control Authority against the concessioner, for violations of the Special Telecommunications Law.
  • Studies and research related to specific areas of telecommunications law: new services, radio spectrum and network infrastructure, analysis of international law, issuance of licenses, among others.
  • Through our Trust unit will also provide the necessary technical studies to apply for grants, extensions or renewals of permits and concessions.


The Department of Special Processes is responsible for particular and specific functions that require unique procedures on issues related to Corporate Law, Contracts Elaboration and Management, Administrative Law, primarily in the area of Municipalities, Consumer Law, Jurisdiction and Labor Law, the same that are handled by the appropriate team according to the needs of each client and their particular case. We support other departments confirming our commitment to cooperation.Additionally, the Department of Special Processes is responsible for the International Corporate Area, with the creation and management of foreign companies, Trusts, Private Foundations, among others.Due to recent and constants legal changes in Ecuador and the world, our Department of Special Processes is one of the most active of our Firm. We constantly link national structures with international structures, through our offices in Miami, Panama, Costa Rica, Quito and Guayaquil. The Department of Special Processes works closely with the Financial and Corporate Departments to optimize tax burdens and create creative schemes to ensure security and flexibility to the final beneficiaries of the structures. Due to the Department providing support to other Departments of the Firm, it is responsible for various processes/procedures, among which are mainly those for:Advice and defense in cases involving consumer protection, both at the Ombudsman, as in different control entities in charge.


  • Preparation of labor and services contracts.
  • Legal procedures and defense in matters of Municipal Commissariats.
  • Development and legal procedures of labor contracts, evictions, Working Regulations.
  • Constitution of companies, transfers of shares and participations in companies.
  • In a specific way is responsible for providing International Corporate Services, such as:
    • Provision of nominative Registered Boards;
    • Provision of nominative shareholders;
    • Custody of bearer shares;
    • Structuring and fiduciary compliance with instructions;
    • Incorporation of companies;
    • Issuance of Powers;
    • Transfer of Shares; and
    • Annual maintenance of societies/corporations.


Our Immigration Department has achieved formalization of inbound and outbound processes to make them more friendly and efficient. We have developed a coordinated mechanism working with immigration authorities in Ecuador, in order to expedite the steps to achieve this goal. Obtaining visas, work permits and residence has always been known to be informal, slow and expensive. However, we are proud to guarantee our clients highly efficient and safe service levels.

Our international partnerships allow us to provide outbound immigration service with the same level of service.

This Department also offers documents acquisition services(document procurement) nationally and internationally as well as relocation services, which makes us the only Firm that provides comprehensive Immigration services.


  • Visas, work permits, residence and nationalizations procurement and renewal.
  • Procurement of national and international documents (document procurement).
  • Relocation Services.