VIVANCO & VIVANCO provides personalized services to our clients including registration, litigation, licensing and advising related to trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyrights and domain names in a one-stop firm in Latin America. We manage trademark portfolios in the region, providing preventive as well as enforcement services. Our IP CENTER is equipped with “top of the line” technology runned by our own IT team and is available for research, support, filing, applica­tions and completion of advanced cases.


1. We are the best one stop IP firm in Latin America.

2. We have more that 100 year of experi­ence providing legal services and more than 30 years providing IP legal services in the region.

3. We offer a personalized approach taking into account our clients’ needs and goals in Latin America.

4. We offer very competitive prices.

5. Our top of the line systems and techno­logy complement our regional offices’ reach.

6. Our experience of more than a 100 years providing legal services has given us a unique understanding of the business and legal environment in the region.