Employment services for start ups, M&As or transformation stages:

  • Advising on efficient employment structure
  • HR and employee-related due diligence
  • HR and employee-related deal negotiation
  • HR and employee-related post-deal transaction integration
  • Advising on compliant recruitment processes
  • Design of in-house employment policies
  • Advising on background checks for potential employees (e.g., criminal, medical, etc.)


Employment compliance services:

  • Advising on local and international employment law compliance
  • Advising on structuring and documenting international assignments
  • Advising on employee relations management
  • Advising on workplace compliance
  • Advising on social security and employment-related tax compliance
  • Advising on collective bargain agreement compliance


Employment and immigration services:

  • Processing and structuring foreign-worker assignments
  • Advising on immigration planning
  • Filing immigration visas
  • Advising on immigration compliance of foreign-worker assignments
  • Advising on tax implication and compliance of foreign-worker assignments


Dispute resolution, litigation and termination processes:

  • Advising on compliant termination
  • Advising on complex individual dismissals
  • Assessment and minimization of labor dispute contingencies
  • Advising on settlement negotiation
  • Litigation of employment disputes